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Bard Products

I spoke to Bard Access this morning about a problem we are having advancing the guidewires.   I spoke with Cassie in Field Assurance and let her know about other issues concerning the introducer sheath.   What she told me was very interesting.   She said that all calls for product concerns should go to 800 443-5505, then choose option 4.   After you report a problem, she will send you a Fed Ex envelope (with biohazard protection if necessary) for you to return a product.   I told her the concerns that have been posted on the listserve and she said that no one is sending in product, lot numbers, etc. (Is anyone sending anything in?) She is asking us to save any product information from the tray in addition to the product in question.

In addition, she stated that this can be done through your BARD rep, but she thinks that if all calls go through her department she will have a better handle on what is actually going on out in the field. There are just 2 people in her department and she said either one of them can handle any issues. Any comments, Paul?




Susan S
In the past I have sent in

In the past I have sent in product to BARD on two occasions.  I am sure this was the same department.   I just called customer service and they sent me to the right person.   On both occasions I did eventually receive a reply from BARD after their investigaion (or whatever they call it).   It was quite easy to do, no cost to my facility/company.   Once I had the same probelm 4 times with a certain lot number of introducer kits and they exchanged them for us without a problem.

      They really do appreciate the can you fix a problem if you do not know it exists!

Susan Schuetrumpf, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Atlanta GA

Kathleen Witt
I have sent back a number of
I have sent back a number of wires and needles over the past couple of years. It wasn't hard to do. I just spoke with Shelley and gave her all the info on the product (product #, Lot #, etc.), kept it in a bio bag until I received the fed ex envelope they sent and sent it back to Bard. About 4-6 weeks later I receive a letter that tells me whether they actually found something wrong or not. Considering we are using these products on humans we have a responsibility to report any issues that occur so proper follow-up and investigation can be done. It is only when problems are reported that products can be improved .
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