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Melanie Heisner
You just won't believe this!
Today I was called to place a PICC line in a patient because of where his peripheral IV was located.I found it in a location that I have never seen before. It was in the right upper quadrant of his abdomen.  It seems our ED nurses are finding new locations like this and patients' breasts to put a peripheral IV in. I was totally shocked at this.  Has anyone else seen some strange locations like this?
I wrote a JAVA Catheter
I wrote a JAVA Catheter Connection article on this several years ago and it is now on my website -, Clinical Articles. Lynn

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Pam Michael
Yes, it was on a dialysis pt
Yes, it was on a dialysis pt that had old grafts in both arms, upper arms and forearms bilat. Fingertips were black with necrosis. Bilat below knee amputee. Nephrologist dead set against any central line other than his dialysis catheter which was in his last viable central location vein. So yes his only option for an IV was his abdomen. True- not ideal, but it was patent, and was able to achieve some pain control. Pam

Pam Michael, RN

I can top that!   Two

I can top that!   Two weeks ago we got a call from the ER to place a picc on an IVDA whom they could not get.  MD did not want to place anything himself. 

We had to decline already being overwhelmed with inpatient piccs.

Next day we find this patient in a med/tele room with his IV in.....

drum roll please......   HIS TEMPLE!!  It was right next to his eye.  The nurse had just given a mag bolus.  Not much else had infused through it, thank goodness. 

I had a field day writing that one up. 



Darilyn Cole, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
PICC Team Mercy General Hospital Sacramento, CA


Leigh Ann Bowegeddes
In response to Pam's message

In response to Pam's message about the patient with the abd. PIV, I would suggest SQ pain control for a patient like this, especially if no other IV med was needed. SQ is taken up as rapidly, in about the same dose as IV. Simple to manage, less risk than IV access.

Leigh Ann

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