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Y connectors in infusion centers

Good morning - 

In our infusion room the practice has been to place a y connector on the end of infusion tubing for any infusion to which a patient may react (unless a second lumen/line is availabe).  The argument for doing so is that it gives us immediate access to the patient in the case of a reaction without compromising the tubing of the drug/blood product just in case we decide to rechallenge.  But I am having a difficult time finding any evidence to support doing so.  Is anyone aware of any evidence or any recommendations regarding this?

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There is very little

There is very little published evidence about use of any administration set and even less about the use of any type of add-on device. The basic standard is to reduce the number of connections within the entire infusion system and to reduce the manipulation of the system to as few as possible. How it is configured is up to your policy and procedure. 

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Thank you Lynn

Thank you Lynn

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