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xray to confirm placement before ct power injection

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone can provide clarification for if a NT triple lumen would need to have a chest xray taken within 24 hours to verify tip placement prior to using the line for a CT scan with power injection?  Some of our radiologists are telling us that it is necessary but I can't find any supporting documentation. They are only saying it is what they want for NT triple lumen CVC not with our PICCs? Any help is greatly appreciated!  I have always thought that if the device is deemed power injectable by the manufacturer guidelines and flushes without resistance and gets good blood return you could use it for power injection. 

Thank You!!

You need to find and read

You need to find and read closely the instructions for use for each power injectable CVAD in use in your facility. That is where you will find instructions, if any, for a scout scan before a CT. Check all types of CVADs for these instructions. 

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