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Xolair injection

I work in a children's hospital Infusion Clinic where we give Xolair (omalizumab) injections.  Our patients will have a physician's order to receive Xolair.  Our current protocol for giving Xolair injections requires us to ask the patient about asthma exacerbation (eg. In the last 48hrs, have you had to use your rescue inhaler more than 5 times, etc).  If they "fail" the screening questions (meaning their asthma has flared up) then the patient cannot have the injection unless we get an another order from the physician.  I cannot find in any of the literature or manufacture recommendations to use a screening tool to determine if the patient should not get their injection because of an asthma flare.  I also cannot find anything that says an asthma exacerbation would be a predictive factor for a reaction to Xolair.  Does anyone else give Xolair?  What is your protocol for giving it?  Do you have a screening tool?  Thanks!