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Witnessed the worst PICC insertion of my life

My dad just received a nice present from the hospital he is in.  An ecoli foley infection day seven of his stay which the nurse informed that all patients get.  You know it is so common those never events.

But my dad was the lucky one I guess as the PICC I wiitnessed being performed on the patient in bed one was the shocker.  I am still not over it.  The PA, technician and RN came in for a PICC in ICU on bed one.  Needless to say I never saw so many packages opened in my life for a sterile set up.  Than rolls in the fluoroscopy which you have got to be kiidding me.  I ask if my dad or I or the other two patients should leave the room but am told not to worry as we are 6 feet away.  Not sure my dad or patient on opposite side of curtin was six feet away but who cares about scatter right.  As if this is not enough four caregivers break the sterile field.  The first being the aide who goes to the other side of the drape and takes the patients temperature.  No mask nothing.  The second the RN who also pulls the curtin aside and looks at a monitor.  The third the social worker to see my dad in bed two and the fourth I have no clue what they were even inthe room for.  If I had not seen it myself I would not have believed it.  All this under fluoro.  What am I missing?

Is this what healthcare is coming to?


Just makes me proud of my

Just makes me proud of my (somewhat) nasty nickname...."Infection Control Natzi" :)

So how long did it take you

So how long did it take you to call the CNE and/or Infection Preventionist? Do they even have a "PICC Team?" The fluro makes me think a radiologist was involved but who is to say. Good luck and I hope your Dad gets out of there soon!

No PICC team

all PICC lines placed by NP radiology

I called IC Director today on UTI but the PICC was a little hard for me to cite as not on my dad


And in there lies the

And in there lies the problem. Physicians (not all) require many more assistants and assume their presence creates a germ free environment. PICC nurses are much better and protecting their sterile field and banning unnecessary persons.

Mercedes M
PICC insertion-witnessed



As part of the professional arena of VascularAccess Team and witnessing this horrible set-up, it maybe a great idea to cite this problem to the IC dept (as  FYI). May need to improve the process of insertion according to standards.  Thanks for sharing

jill nolte
to answer your question



I'm sorry about your dad Kathy, best wishes for his health


off to bite my lip or sit on my hands or something.

Hortense Jones
Your Dad


My prayers for your Dad, his speedy recovery and release from the hospital.

If hospital admin is not hostile a warning about PICC insertion technique could come from no better source.


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