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wire in bard kit

we are a private IV company and subcontract with pharmacys so we have to use supplies provided to use. Recently one pharmacy supplied us with bard picc with introducer and wire included. I am having a tough time visualizing needle with ultrasound and the wire coils very easy. We are used to the galt mst does anyone have any suggestions or have run into similar problem. Thank you

Beth George
 I was accustomed to using

 I was accustomed to using the Bard kit for several years and that is what I got used to.  The kit I had used a nitinol wire and I had no problems with it or visualization of the needle entering the vein.

I use the Galt kit now that I work in Peds.  I like the wire just fine (nitinol).  There are 2 needles in this kit.  I cannot visualize the needle entering the vein with the safety needle provided.  The green needle is slightly better to me.

It may just be my change in practice however.  I placed PICC's in the adult population and I didn't face near the challenges that I am facing with the kids right now.  I can't seem to see the needle entering the vein most of the time..unless it's a big kid.  I don't know if this is due to not as much tissue, small veins, area, ect.  

I am interested to see the responses you get.



Beth George, CRNI, VA-BC
Nurse Clinician/Vascular Access
UAB Medicine
Birmingham, AL

Kathleen M. Wilson
Could you try your bevel down

Could you try your bevel down and hold your transducer back from insertion site a bit more then normal, and lean the transducer back slightly in your hand. Advance the wire more slowly, see if the incidence of coiling is reduced. We have similar issues.

There is another needle in there you could try.

Good luck.

Kathleen Wilson, CRNI

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