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rivka livni
Who supervizes PICC Nurse?

We are revisiting the need for Standardize Procedure under the IR physician for PICC RN. 

Can you please tell me how many of you work under Standardize Procedure and who is your Suprevizing Physician?

How many of you work under other supervision, and who supervise you?

Any comments/ opinion on the subject are appreciated.

I believe that California is

I believe that California is the one of only a few states that uses standardized procedures. Arizona might use them, not sure. I have never worked in a state where this was required. Also the need for medical supervision is not mandated by any regulating body. When I first started in infusion therapy in 1972, our IV team worked in close collaboration with the pathologist (because of blood transfusion). Then I have worked on numerous teams that was based in the pharmacy, again no additional medication "supervision". Nurses work as independent practitioners under our own license. We know the boundaries of our licensure and know when to seek medical advise for a particular patient. I can see the need for close collaboration with medical quality improvement officers, risk management, and performance improvement. But I just do not see the need to have one physician identified as the "supervising physician" for an infusion or vascular access team. 


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