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Who can insert PICC Lines

Can radiology technologist with appropriate training and oversight insert PICC lines ?

That depends upon any rules

That depends upon any rules and regulations governing their practice in the state where you are and whether the hospital has granted them permission to include this in their scope of practice. It is not a decision that the radiologist can make unilaterally because these techs are hospital employees. Lynn

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I have yet to find a state that prohibits it

Yes as Lynn points out state practice may prohibit this action however, the majority of state practice decisions focus on radiological safety.  There is no mention of IV therapy prohibition at all.  My answer would be that it is likely that they are allowed to place a PICC line.  RT's work under a MD license and do not have State Boards like RN's who work under their own.  Respoiratory Therapists have the same structure.  They both pass certification boards given by a national organization.  These organizations also limit practice however neither organization to my knowledge prevents PICC line insertion.  So yes they may place the PICC line if the hospital says they can and the MD Medical Director of their service not the hospital says they can.  I personally have yet to find a state that says the radiological technicial or respiratory therapist may not place a PICC line, internal jugular line, subclavian line etc.  I can find you plenty of nursing state boards that do not allow RN's to place percutaneous lines in the jugular and subclavian.  RN's have more defined rules stopping their practice.

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Pam Rogers
Not in Maryland

I don't know about other states but it is not within the scope of practice for a radiology technologist to insert a PICC line in Maryland. This is clearly stated by the Maryland Board of Physicians, the licensing body for radiology tecnologists. You did not specify the state you are working in, the Board of Physicians for your state will be able to answer your question. 

Pam Rogers CRNI

Pam where do I go to find this MD action

Pam please tell me where I find this info as in MD there are plenty of radiologiy technicians plaicing PICC lines in a multitude of hospitals.  I am not sure if you were aware of this

Kathy Kokotis

Pam Rogers
MD info

Kathy, This can be found on the MD Board of Physicians web site. As of Oct. 2008 the title "Medical Radiation Tecnologist" was changed to "Radiographer". Click on Radiographer, then click on FAQ, #15, this should take you directly to the info.

Pam Rogers CRNI

you are right

It does state that in Maryland a Radiographer cannot place a PICC line in their scope of practice.  This is one of the few states I have ever found a statement that actually specified the act by name.  It was under the frequently asked questions section.  I assume if there were published articles by these radiographers with outcomes thta might be treated differently on the next go around.


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