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Where can you purchase prefilled 10-12ml syringes of Heparin 10units/ml
We are updating our polices and standards to reflect the recommendation to use 10units/ml of heparin for VAD (not infusaports). Our Pharmacy can only get carpujects or multidose vials. Does anyone know where we can purchase them? Thanks
The suppliers include: BD

The suppliers include:

BD Medical


Excelsior Medical

B Braun



There are numerous other small companies. You will need to look for syringes that are terminally sterile rather than aseptically filled. And look for the syringes with an updated design that prevent syringe induced reflux as this is a major cause of catheter lumen occlusion. Those are made by BD, Covidien, and Excelsior. B Braun and Hospira sell the ones made by Excelsior. 


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