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When to use a new PICC

I believe I already know the answer to my question but I am asking it to make certain of my interpretation. My understanding is that if you have a failed PICC attempt on one arm and have used your PICC line, that since it is a Single Use Item (SUD) you must start from scratch if you choose to switch arms. By that I mean you must get an entirely new set up includuing a new PICC line.

If you have used the PICC and it only only threaded to a sub-optimal tip location..can you use the PICC again in the other arm ? I always get a new set up and PICC line.

Now what about a failed attempt in the same arm? What about if you have used the PICC on the Basilic and you now opt to use the Cephalic on the same side? Can you and do use the same PICC ? I know what I do but I want to see what others are doing?


Two insertions...two kits

Two insertions...two kits

 A new sterile device should

 A new sterile device should be used for each attempt. Human skin can never be made sterile. Once the introducer and/or catheter has been passed thru the puncture site or in contact with the skin in any way, even after skin antisepsis, it should never be used for a second procedure. Lynn

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 Thank you kindly for the

 Thank you kindly for the responses and your valuable time.I needed to have this verified for our team so we are all providing a consistent level of care as well as the standard of care.I was sure I was on the right track but I wanted to hear this from others.

Separate MST kits

 We have separate MST kits (guidewire, microintroducer, introducer needle, scalpel, and 20ga catheter) that way if an insertion does not go well, we can open a new MST kit and not the whole PICC kit.

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