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Louise Oak
When to insert a PICC for endocarditis

One of our internal medicin physicians has asked if there should be a wait time before inserting a PICC line for treatment of patients with endocarditis.  We do not have an infectious disease physician at our facility.  Is there a standard for this?  It would seem a catch 22...treat through a piv with a caustic medication for how long?...then insert the PICC?

Would appreciate your opinions as to how this is handled in your facilities.

Thank you in advance


I would assume that you would

I would assume that you would insert once the correct diagnosis has been made, otherwise opt for early CVAD intervention.

Timothy R. Spencer, RN, APN, DipAppSci, BH, ICU Cert, VA-BC™
Vascular Access Consultant
That CVC guy from Australia :-}

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