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What type of dressing are people using??

At our hospital we used to use bioclusive dressings then they were going to raise the cost so the hospital tried a smith and nephew dressing, well no one liked it so after complaining the bioclusives are back.  Well our picc team has taken over monitoring all central lines and we round on them daily and change 99.9% of the dressings.  We hated the smith and nephew at first because we weren't used to them and then we got used to them and really like them.  Now that we are back to bioclusives we don't like them because we are having trouble with them rolling up and we are changing dressing more frequently because of this.  We can't go back to smith and nephew because infection control made such a stink to get the bioclusives back so we are looking for another dressing out there we can try.  Does anyone have any ideas or really like the dressings they are using maybe we can look into them.  Thanks