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What is the job description of a Vascular Acces/PICC RN and their responsiblities

I have been a Vascular Access/PICC RN for the last year.  In January of this year my director resigned from her position.  I have now been placed under cardiovascular services and my current director has no idea of what a Vascular Access/PICC RN does.  She followed me for one hole day to see what I actually did and how I did my job.  Since then she feels that the Vascular RN should only be placing the lines and then be crossed trained in to the pre-post cath lab because of productivity.  She does not understand that continuing education for these nurses are important as well maintaining functional lines for these patients.  I have tried to explain this to her but she is set on productivity.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could approach her to make this Vascular Access/PICC RN position more successful, and not have to worry about productivity? If someone can give me suggestions also on what they do when they have down time. 

Leann Kennedy
YIKES!!! Having worked as a

YIKES!!! Having worked as a cath lab RN in a prior life, I can tell you it is not easy to do double duty.  The cath lab is a very high stress, fast-paced, right now environment no matter where you are, and you can NEVER predict how long you will be stationed with one patient. The cath lab should be the LAST place a PICC RN should be cross-trained, not that I believe we should ever take on more responsibilities.

That said,  being ACLS certified, I respond to all rapid response/Code Blues in house if avail.  I do all home teaching, maintain our web page for PICC info and materials.  I teach Vasc Access one time per month for New Hire Orientation, and train RNs for Skills' Days. I am responsible for updating all CVAD Policy and Procedures.  I post weekly or monthly "news" for the bathroom on the issues of the time (scrub the hub, clamping, etc).  I'll give surprise quizes to the staff (10 questions, most correct/quickest time if tied) and give $5 Starbucks gift cards as prizes.

That, plus PICC lines, does WAY more than fill my days.  I've also kept logs hour to hour of what I do to show my supervisor where I spend my time.  Stick with it.  I hope this helps.

My suggestion would be that
My suggestion would be that when a conflict occurs between doing a PICC line or Cath lab duties...Involve the director and ask her which VERY important task the director wishes for you to complete.  It must be one or the other task...NOT BOTH! Make sure those who are inconvenienced by the conflict KNOW that it is the DIRECTORS choice that you are following....see how that works.  Worked for me, but took several inconveniences before the director got tired of being asked by other departments why certain tasks did not get done.
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