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What the INS standards midline and CVAD

1 What is the INS standard for maxium day usage of a midline catheter when no xray was taken for placement check?  2. What is the current standard for flushing CVAD or Portacath's?  In my facility there seems to be confusion on current protocol. I need some clarification.  Thank you


 You can easily purchase the

 You can easily purchase the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice and download them as a pdf for a very low fee - All nurses responsible for inserting VAD and using VADs should have access to this document or have policies and procedures based on this document. 

There is no requirement to perform an xray for a midline catheter unless there is some problem. There is no maximum dwell time for any type of VAD. The standard of flushing and locking catheters is quite extensive and you will need to read the entire thing. Since you did not say what is the source or cause of the confusion, it would be best if you read the specific standard and then posted a direct question. Lynn

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