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Peter Marino
What Happened to EDTA?
Have any institutions switched over to EDTA (or combonation there of) instead of Heparin?
There are no commercially
There are no commercially available products using EDTA on the US market yet. This also means that it has not completed the FDA processes for clearing it for the US market. There could be some facilities that obtain it from a compounding pharmacy, but that is the only way to get it right now. Lynn

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Nadine Nakazawa
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I believe Dr. Issam Raad has
I believe Dr. Issam Raad has a study ongoing investigating the efficacy & safety of a tetra-EDTA lock solution.   I think I asked him at the Indianapolis AVA Conference in Sept 2006.   Hopefully we'll hear something in the coming year about a commerical product.  We're all eager to hear about a prefilled syringe with EDTA that can be used on any CVAD on a regular basis to destroy intraluminal biofilm and resterilize the internal lumen.  We have strategies to help prevent external catheter lumen colonization, but not any technologies that address internal lumen microbial colonization, at least no commercial products.  

Nadine Nakazawa, RN, BS, VA-BC

Peter Marino
Thanks Nadine, From what I

Thanks Nadine, From what I have been able to read Dr. Rhaad (@ M.D. Anderson) has been studying Monocyline/EDTA (M-EDTA) since 1995 (maybe before ?) I'm glad to see that it's still a possibility of being a commercial product.

Do you know if the latest M-EDTA is in an ETOH suspension?

Antimicrobial flush solutions ;


MRSA colonization of the silicone disks. EDTA in 25% ethanol had some partial suppression but there was regrowth of the organisms after 24 hour incubation. As expected, the control silicone disk segments were heavily colonized before and after 24 hour reincubation. Minocycline in 25% ethanol was highly suppressive but there was regrowth after 24 hour incubation. However, the triple combination of M-EDTA in 25% ethanol was unique in completely eradicating the MRSA organisms, with complete inhibition of regrowth after 24 hours of incubation.

Peter Marino R.N. BSN CRNI VA-BC Hospital based staff R.N. with no affiliation to any product or health care company.

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