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What is the evidence-based rationale for not utilizing a Vas Cath for continuous infusions?


Vas-Cath is a trade name for

Vas-Cath is a trade name for a hemodialysis catheter. So I would assume you mean all hemodialysis catheters. The reference is the CDC and the studies that have included in the Guidelines for Prevention of Intravascular Device-Related Infections. Use of HD caths for infusion should not be done unless there is an emergent situation and this is the only route to give rapid IV meds. This issue is increasing the risk of infection from increased manipulation, and thrombosis which greatly slows down the rate of dialysis or even makes it impossible to use of HD. Lynn

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 Our facility for a temporary

 Our facility for a temporary dialysis catheter, uses a catheter that has a third port which allows the RNs to use for vascular access for IV fluids.


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