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What drape size are your using when inserting PICC's?

Hi,    I have tried to get the full body drape but was told by our infection control RN that the minimum size of the drape is the half drape size  40 x 58 non fenestrated.   If anyone has any good reference for the full drape, please let me know.  TY


A full body drape is now the

A full body drape is now the national standard of practice as defined by the CDC guidelines, IHI, Joint Commission, and INS standards of practice. There are full body drapes available. Lynn

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mary ann ferrannini
 Bard has full body PICC

 Bard has full body PICC drape as does Microtek..we have been using both


We use a fenestrated "Thyroid Drape". It is pacakged separately from our Picc kit. It covers the pt head to toe, and the whole bed. It is huge and unwieldy but it does provide a LARGE field. We trialed a fenestrated abdominal laprotomy drape but the hole was too big.


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