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what do you CRNIs think?

 Hired by an franchise's individually owned compay to develope an infusion program and told today I have to take training on infusing a medication????????

Valorie Dunn, BSN. RN, CRNI. PLNC



 I, the vascular access nurse with 30+ yrs of nursing experience was not allowed to and therefore, did not, administer a first dose of ceftriaxone in the hospital because I did not have a competency assessment. I was a little taken aback.Your training is a box that must be checked for inspectors etc.

When you think you know all that you need to know, there is always something else to learn.....

Nancy Rose 

what do you CRNIs think?

 All organizations, or at least one we should want to be emplyoed with have a responsibility to ensure they offer the proper training. Sounds like a formality. Everyone should be trained to prove they can train others.

Asystole RN
INS Standard 5

INS Standard 5

5.1 As a method of public protection to ensure patient safety, the clinician is competent in the safe delivery of infusion therapy and vascular access device (VAD) insertion and/or management within her or his scope of practice.

5.2 The clinician is responsible and accountable for attaining and maintaining competence with infusion therapy administration and VAD insertion and/or management within her or his scope of practice.

5.3 Competency assessment and validation is performed initially and on an ongoing basis.

5.4 Competency validation is documented in accordance with organizational policy.



I do not see an exception for for competency assessment and validation for CRNIs. 

Asystole RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

Vascular Access Nurse, Infusion Nurse

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