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wearing a mask

Hi Lynn

I cannot see where the INS standards or the CDC state that a mask should be worn when performing CVAD dressing changes

Then if one should wear a mask for performing a CVAD dressing change, should not one wear a mask for changing needleless connectors (opening the system)?



 There are no standards or

 There are no standards or guidelines calling for the use of a mask during the change of a VAD dressing, however it is common practice to use a mask. Masking to change a needleless connector or admin set is not done, and no evidence addresses this issue at all. It is much easier for organisms from the clinician and/or patient to land on the exposed skin surrounding the puncture site, but these same organisms enteing the lumen during set disconnection would seem very unlikely to me. Again no evidence that this is a source of CRBSI. Lynn

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