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Carolyn Bonanno
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We do almost all adult patients

 We are getting a 9 yr old who is getting every 24 hr rocephin through heparinzed picc

He weighs 28.4 kg is 4'6" tall is there a difference in amount of heparin or catchflo should he need it?

What do you all do?



 Heparin 10 units per mL

 Heparin 10 units per mL should be used for all CVADs. Volume should be twice the internal volume of your catheter and any add-on devices such as extension sets if used. I would expect that 2-3 mLs would be sufficient. See Cathflo instructions for weight based use. Weight ranges from 10 to 29 kg for use of 110% of internal volume. So he is almost over this size. 2 mg in 2 mL is recommended for 30 kg and up. But work hard to avoid needing Cathflo. Where is tip located? If not correct, require it be properly positioned before you accept the patient. How do you stabilize PICCs? Use of a stabilization device is best. What type of needleless connector is used? Do you use the correct flushing technique for the function of the NC in use? All of that will help prevent occlusions. Lynn

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