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Robbin George
Water Proof Dressing

Has anyone had experience with this product for protecting CVC/PICCs from moisture

Thank you in advance for your responses

Alma Kooistra
I didn't look up your
I didn't look up your source, but I have heard that Press 'N Seal (sticky Sarah Wrap) works well.  Inexpensive and available........
I am a patient, the nurses
I am a patient, the nurses use the press and seal but I also got a waterproof sleve from the drug store when I shower. Its made out of the same materiel as a shower curtain and works well.
That is called a cast
That is called a cast sleeve..its usually seen in the orthopedic settings...I reccommend them to the PICC patients also...used one on my 10year old last year who broke his arm..swam all summer long with it and the cast was dry as a bone.
We recently came across a

We recently came across a PICC protector called DRYPRO. They claim that it is watertight because it is vacuum sealed (comes with a pump to pump air OUT). For swimming, bathing and showering. The website is

Siri RN Manchester NH

We use the Shower
We use the Shower Sleeve.  Works like a shower cap only made for an arm.  Patients love it.  Easy to use draw string on both ends.  Not Water-tight or water proof, but very effective and not as pricey.
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