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wasting from a central line

I have read all the posts re pausing infusions before sampling from a CVAD. We are going to change our guidelines to reflect pausing the infusion to draw the sample only, no specified time. 

Our quandry is when sampling from a CVAD with either a heparin or PN infusion when peripheral phlebotomy is not an option. We pause the infusion, flush with 10ml and then would we need to waste 10ml?  10ml seems to be such a large amount to waste. Thoughts?

Allison Eustace MSN, RN, ACNS-BC


See INS SOP on Phlebotomy.

See INS SOP on Phlebotomy. Use the discard OR push-pull mixing method, latter is preferred to avoid any wasting. Discard volumes are included in SOP based on available evidence at the time of writing. One study suggested wait time of 10 mins but INS SOP made no recommendation. 

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