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warmth application after PICC insertion

Does anyone uses warmth application after PICC insertion, for 72h, 4 times a day for 20 minutes? Is there any evidence to support this practice? Thanks, Lieve Goossens, Belgium.

Timothy Royer B...
Since placing in the mid
Since placing in the mid upper arms we have not needed to apply warmth applications after PICC Placement.
This practice started when
This practice started when we first started to place PICCs back in the late 1970's, but the publications that I can recall never stated this should be done for every PICC. Many years ago, we took a look at how many patients actually have early stage mechanical phlebitis in our hospital. The number was so few that we could not justify the expense of a Kpad for every patient. But this means that you must have a knowledgeable staff and patient to catch this problem very early.Lynn

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Thanks, Lieve



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