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Cheryl Barrett
Vein Viewer

I am looking for anyone on an IV team that uses the vein viewer for difficult sticks. Our hospital is looking at purchasing one and I just want to see if there are any other teams out there that use this product.



holly hess
we have one and will
we have one and will probably get a second one later this year
Our Pediatric Dept. bought

Our Pediatric Dept. bought one.  We just use the venoscope.  It's a bargain for less than $200 and the patients love it. 

Does this work on adults?
Does this work on adults?
These messages are probably
These messages are probably referring to distinctly different products. VeinViewer is a capital equipment product that uses infrared light. Venoscope is a small device that uses visible light. I am giving a presentation at INS on these technologies. There are some pediatric hospitals that have purchased the VeinViewer but I am not aware of any IV or Vascular Access Teams that have purchased one. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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We trialed a vein viewer in
We trialed a vein viewer in our NICU.  I think the cost was going to be $20,000 or so...  We had a difficult time with depth perception...
anna liang
I tried to scaned my own
I tried to scaned my own veins with the vein viewer when the vendor came over a couple of months ago, the veins were more visiable. but the deeper veins, the one not visible, were not showing.
I was told the cost is between $25,000 to $30,000. And the device is as big as a portable x-ray machine.
For infants, I prefer the WeeSight ($57-$63), portable. 
They brought the vein viewer
They brought the vein viewer to our facitlity a couple of days to demonstrate it to the nurses in the Pediatatric intensive care unit. I had seen it previously at conference. I had a couple of picc to start on very small children (few months old).  I had them come with me and I used it two start both piccs with good results. I was able to see and access the veins with ease unfortunately one of the PICC's would not thread past the axilla. Otherwise I found it to be very helpful.

Jeffery Fizer RN, BSN

I recieved shippment of my
I recieved shippment of my Veinviewer 2 weeks ago.  We use it for PICC insertions in the NICU which helps the nurses identify veins and their direction.  I also use it for difficult sticks, those patients that I just can palpate anything and I am having fantastic results.  There is defintely a learning curve with insertion but is easily overcome.  I also find the machine beneficial in identifying patients (justification for the docs) that really have nothing appropriate and should have a PICC.
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