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vein specific documentation

I know this has been discussed before but I did not find it in the archives. Maybe I did not look far enough.

We implemented vein specific documentation (on computer) a year or so ago but  are going to a new computer  charting program for all 5 hospitals in our system. The Chief Execs decided to go back to the old way because the outlying hospitals were not ready.

I need ammunition to give them to reverse their decision and build the program the right way to start with.  I have the Standards but any additional articles or info would be great.

 Thanks in advance.


I don't have any specific
I don't have any specific articles to quote but I have reviewed about 60 cases in the past 10 years. The biggest problem in any malpractice case is being able to accurately identify the exact location of the catheter with the negative outcome and what fluids and medication were infused through each catheter. You also need to have the same exact documentation for all attempted sites. From a legal standpoint, this information will provide enormous protection to the nurse or the absense of this level of detail could cause the hospital and nurse to loose the case. Lynn

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Alma Kooistra
We use a grid format to
We use a grid format to document site specific location.   I'll attempt to attach.........
Alma Kooistra
OK.......I think I need to
OK.......I think I need to have somebody tell me how to add an attachment since mine didn't show up...........
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