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Vasopressor infusion through an IO

How long can vasopressors such as Levophed infuse through an IO? Attempts at obtaining central access have been unsuccessful and maintaing peripheral access has been a challenge. Is it safe to infuse these medications for the 24 hour dwell time? I also see the INS position paper has indicated that dwell time can be extended up to an additional 24 hrs, not to exceed 48 hrs in some cases.

That INS position paper on IO

That INS position paper on IO is a very new document, so it would have the most recent information. The risk comes from infection and extravasation, Levophed is a bad vesicant. But I am not aware of any studies that have any different limitations due to the specific drug being infused. So 24-48 hours as stated in that paper would be the max. 

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Thank you Lynn!

Thank you Lynn!

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