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Vasonova VPS

As an institution we are trying to standardize our PICC and CL catheters throughout all of our affiliates in hopes to cut costs.  We are currently using Sherlock II with Bard catheters.  Has anyone tried to use the Navagator wire with another catheter but use the Sherlock?  Does it work?  It has a magnet in the tip, right?  Just curious.  Also, does anyone have any feedback on the Vasonova system?  How does it compare cost wise with Bard?

Thank you!

Ann Armstrong - Mid-Michigan Medical Center Vascular Access



Heather Nichols

    You can only use the Navigator wire with the Navigator.  The magnet is on the tip of the wire with the Sherlock wire, but the Navigator wire has no magnet on it.  Why wouldn't you just use the Navigator?


              I used both

              I used both systems, the Navigator and the Sherlock II. I like the Sherlock much better because it is very accurate, easy, convenient and safe to all kinds of patients. The only line malpositions I had only the tips were too far in the heart 1-2 cm. Most of the time I could pull it back before a CXR. The Sherlock can even give you where the tip is if it is in Azygos vein or in CAJ by looking at the depth section and the sound of the sherlock (with the high pitch sound when it is in CAJ). It is my favorite tool.

               For the Navigator, you have to reload the Mapcath stylet in and hold the Navigator while you're checking the tip location. It is not convenient and it takes more time to hook the Mapcath in the Navigator thru a very small hole. Moreover, I got a reading that the tip was in the SVC, but it fliped up in the IJ when I pulled the mapcath stylet out. I was very frustrated. The Navigator cannot be used with patients who have Pacemakers.

              Anyway, if you have the power to pick out your own tool. I strongly recommend to use SherlockII. I am confident that your staff would be very happy to have it.

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