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Several months ago I made an inquiry to the Vasonova Teleflex Company largely due to what I had learned on this website. It sounded like a promising and exciting technology. Our team was having problems with timely and accurate x-ray readings, a problem which I am sure is not unique to us! I am happy to say that we are now just weeks away from changing to this technology. The trial went well and we are now achieving a Bulls eye in about 90% of our patients. The Vasonova reps in our area (New England) were fantastic! Knowledgeable, passionate and supportive. There is definitely a learning curve but we were surprised at how quickly we picked it up. The first few were frustrating and we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into…especially me. I was concerned about my credibility with our administration…YIKES! We fully expect our efficacy with the procedure to continue to improve and also expect Teleflex to continue to improve their product. No regrets here!