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Chris C
Has anybody out there used the Vasonova? It's a new PICC tip locating device that is being advertised on this web site.  It looks very interesting. The Web site says it comes to market in August or September.  Somebody must be trialing it.  How user friendly is it? What is the catheter like that you have to use with it? Thanks, Chris
Brad Hill MD (Clinical

Brad Hill MD (Clinical Advisor to Vasonova) will be a member of a panel discussion at the 2009 AVA Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas (Sept 15-17) discussing this technology....


Check out the VasoNova web

Check out the VasoNova web site to see the video and description of how this new technology it's a good site for clinicians and has a quick contact area for any questions not covered..... has certainly peaked my interest.... 

Lorelei Papke,MSN, RN, CRNI, CEd, VA-BC
Clinical Manager, Ambulatory Infusion, Allery & MEND
University of Michigan Health System

I wonder about the cost. The

I wonder about the cost. The system and the PICC kit.

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