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A vascular team is being challenged to placed USPIV in arms with confirmed thrombus

How are others handling this challenge? Evidence research reveals very little information. 

Thanks for your feedback!


thrombosed vein

as a vascular person, you don't go against proper placement.  you can move up the arm and place above the area with good assessment there are no further clots up the specific vein.  Or pick another vein.  If there is limitations then maybe a different device may need to be considered.

Are you talking about an

Are you talking about an upper extremity with a deep vein thrombosis or a superficial vein thrombosis? If SVT, there is not issue, just use a different vein. SVT is treated very conservatively with usually on NSAIDS for pain if needed. DVT is treated with anticoagulants and I would not recommend using that extremity unless it is the only choice. If that is the case, know where the DVT is located and choose another vein - eg if in the basilic, use the cephalic. So your team has to learn more about what you are actually dealing with for each patient. 

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