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Vascular access teams- What is new in the literature?

My search has come up empty, buthought I would try the group.


Has anyone seen any recent articles on starting a vascular access tream?


Deb McPherson, MSN, RN

Maine Medical Center

Portland, Maine



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I haven't seen any published
I haven't seen any published literature, but you might try to contact Jeff Hanks.  He is a Vascular Access Nurse at Oaklawn Hospital.  He developed a team from an awesome proposal that he wrote and presented to administration.  It included a cost analysis and as well as a detailed presentation full of research that the administrators simply couldn't ignore.  If you put his name in the search box on this site you should find his contact information.

 Monica J. Sorg, R.N.

Kathy Kokotis Bard Access

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

The last one to my knowledge was co-authored by me and it was from 2002 Journal of Infusion Nursing entitled "cost losses with a PICC, Stick and Run, Team"

There is also info on the article "cost Containment"  that is in JIN in 2005

I cannot say that alot of articles are out there on this topic


Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Mats Stromberg
Jeff, if you read this.


if you read this. Would you consider sharing your proposal with cost/staffing analysis, refs and whatever you have. We are currently trying to start a port and PICC inserting unit within the oncology dept.


Mats in Stockholm

Mats Strömberg

Karolinska University Hospital

[email protected]

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