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Vascular Access Early Assessment (On admission) for Vascular Consult

We are in the process of designing our EPIC IV documentation. We would like to include an early assessment piece that could trigger a vascular access consult so that patients can get the appropriate line at the appropriate time. Does anyone have an early asssessment tool/policy for vascular access that they are using at their facility?  Is anyone using EPIC for IV documentation? Any specific recommendations to make it more user friendly while collecting necessary data?

Susanne Cox, VAD Committee Chair, Stanford Hospital and Clinics

We have one that Baxter

We have one that Baxter developed.  I can send it to you or you can contact Baxter .



Pam Michael
Susanne, what is EPIC IV

Susanne, what is EPIC IV documentation?

Libbi, if you could send me what you use from Baxter that would be great, I would appreciate it?  [email protected]

 If we could institute an assessment tool that would increase the early intervention of placing an appropriate vascular access our pts would benefit 10-fold. What I would like to try and implement for the IV Team is to get flagged somehow from pharmacy when a physician has ordered Vanco or another caustic med so we can intervene right away and not after they have been on the drug for 4-5 days. If anyone has instituted that practice let me know how you went about it. 

I have the Bard Assessment Advantage information, but the docs haven't come on board yet.

Pam Michael, RN

Pam, We have access to a


We have access to a pharmacy report that our IT made available to us on our intranet  that provides us with daily printout of every patient on Vanc, Zosyn, and Flagyl.  It is a real time report, so anytime we access, we can see if someone in the hospital has just been added.  It gives pt admission date and date medication ordered.  Very handy tool for early assessment.  We just started with those 3 drugs.....will add more in the future.  Also, we round in ICU daily for the purpose of early identification of patients.  I am looking for a way to get difficult IV sticks in Emergency department flagged to us so that we can catch those people alot quicker.  Have yet to find a way to do that.

Pam, EPIC (Enterprise


EPIC (Enterprise Clinical System) is an electronic medical record and physician order entry system that our hospital will be implementing within the next year.


 I would like to see the Baxter Assessment Advantage Information you spoke about a few days ago.  My email is [email protected]



James M Joseph
Please address the
Please address the innappropriate /pornographic opening paragraph from an unknown e-mail that is coming through as we click on different topics.Thank you.

James M. Joseph MPH, RN , BSN, CRNI, VA-BC


Peter Marino
Device Selection Tree -

Device Selection Tree - Jerry Bartholomew - Adapted from the University of Minnesota Medical Center Criteria for Vascular Access Device Selection-2005

on the download tab :~)

Peter Marino R.N. BSN CRNI VA-BC Hospital based staff R.N. with no affiliation to any product or health care company.

debbie RN Chris...
Early Assessment

We are trying to develop an early access tool also. We are going to trial it outside of EPIC first then try to have it incorporated into EPIC later.

A mutual friend told me the benchmark from admission to PICC placement in appropriate patients is 72 hours. I've been looking for documentation to back it up so we will have credibility to our efforts. Does anyone know where I can find an evidence based reference to this? 

Libbi, I would also like to

Libbi, I would also like to see the one you use from Baxter. My e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks.

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