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ken baker
Vancomycin via Midline

On average how many days can you safely give Vancomycin through a midline?

There are no standards or

There are no standards or recommendations that have established a limit. We offer an online CE course that includes all the published evidence on midlines to review this data. Many think that vancomycin should not ever be infused through a midline because of its weak vesicant nature. This CE course provides lots of information to consider when making your decision.


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ken baker
Thanks Lynn.

Thanks Lynn.

Gina Ward
We will only place a midline

We will only place a midline on someone getting Vanco, while we are waiting on the culture results.   We then want to promptly re assess and get an PICC line if it will continue or keep the midline if the drug changes .

overall, we try to keep it less than 5 days. 


Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

Vancomycin through Midline

Patients scheduled to receive short-term intravenous vancomycin ((normally less than 6 days)) were randomly assigned to receive treatment through either a PICC or the midline study device.

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