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VAD early assessment sheet/form

Does anyone have a more recent revised VAD early assessment form.  I have one with some info from 2002 MMWR (CDC) Guideline: Infusion Therapy planned for >6 days

I am looking for an easy form that can be done with the patients admission paperwork to help catch patients vascular needs early.  I am hoping to include not only some meds, but some popular diagnoses that require appropriate VAD selection such as cellulitis; abscesses; SBO etc where the patient would benefit from a picc early rather than later. 

We have an admission team who completes all admission paperwork, but they are not UTD with their vascular access knowledge.  I am hoping to find a form that is simple and not time consuming for them to assist us in getting a consult for the patient and place our devices early in the patient's admission rather than when they are ready to be d/c home on iv abx. 

Currently we only have one picc nurse here each day and with the number of orders we receive for line placements, it leaves very little time to do early assessments on patients and I would like to illicit the help of the admission team. 

I appreciate any help you can give.




I would recommend working
I would recommend working with your pharmacy to see if they can somehow flag you for the common drugs that indicates having a central line.

Angelo M. Aguila, MSN, RN, VA-BC
Vascular Access Nurse
[email protected]

We currently have a report

We currently have a report that pulls from certain documentation fields in the chart... It prints twice per day and gives us diagnosis, isolation, certain hit list drugs,primary doc, acct # pt location and what access devices are currently in place.

It allows us to at least have quick scanning of all patients on each unit for dx and drug driven need for PICC. We then can screen more thoroughly on those that rule in as possibles.

 It's not perfect but it makes us more efficient.

Jose Delp RN BSN

Clinical Nurse Manager IV Team

Upper Chesapeake Health

Jose Delp RN BSN

CliClinical Nurse Manager IV Team

Upper Chesapeake Health

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