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Mary J. Matteson
A-V Graft
I was asked to place a Rt. Picc (Short) So a surgeon could use my line as a guide to place an A-V graft in his Left arm?? Have never heard of such a thing in 13yrs. of vascular access experience. Pt. is in renal failure. Creatinnine of 7.0.  Has a Rt. peritoneal catheter in place, and a Rt. groin dialysis catheter both of which were placed 2/26/08. His last hemodialysis was 3/7/08 and was tried on peritoneal dialysis but has not been effective.  So,they decieded a permanent A-V Graft is the way to go.  I really don't want to do this cause I've never heard or read of such a thing.  Can some of the experts out there please comment.  Thanks   mjm