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Paula Happel
Using techs for PICC dressing changes

Is it acceptable practice to have nursing techs perform & chart routine PICC dressing changes?? I have questioned if it is appropriate since the charting includes site status. Is it strictly a nursing function to record the site status or is it acceptable to let the tech docuent the site status??  What are your thoughts??

Thank you!

Paula Happel


To properly answer this

To properly answer this question, you need to check with your specific state board of nursing for their rules and regulations about delegation. All procedures or tasks performed by unlicensed assistive personnel would be delegated tasks. The RN maintains the responsibility for ensuring that the task is performed and the accountability for the outcome of the task. I do believe that unlicensed personnel have their place in both clinical and nonclinical tasks. Those tasks must be supported with adequate education and training along with validated competency in the task before the delegation. But it all begins with what your state board has to say about delegation. Lynn

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