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using permanent marking to write an expiration date directly on the bag of IV fluids in a warming cabinet (Surgery)

We use a permanent marker to document on the outer wrap the expiration date of IV fluids placed in the warming cabinet in Surgery. The IV fluids are warmed to a specific temperature for a specific time period as recommended by the IV fluid manufacturer. I have been told that permanent marker ink should never come into contact with the IV fluid bag, due to concerns of the ink leeching into the IV fluids.  Is this a myth or is this based in fact?

Back in the 90's the industry

Back in the 90's the industry reps presented information that seemed pretty real that its a definite problem. the ink is leached through and they were able to find traces of the ink in the solution..  so Id say fact.. and I  do believe I read about this topic on this forum [several years ago]  agreeing with it being fACT. They brought out special strips to attach to the bags as even the type of glue used on different hospital tapes can be considered toxic or  more likely to 'impregnate through the plastic'

I cannot personally find the data or say I have tested it tho

This is definitely not a

This is definitely not a myth! Check with the manuturer of the brand of fluid container you use for their specific instructions. Originally all bags were made of poly vinyl chloride. Now there are other plastics used, so there could be diffierent instructions for each type of plastic. Lynn

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