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Patty Janousek
using mastectomy arm for venipunctures

Can anyone give me a reference stating it is OK to use a mastectomy arm if the mastectomy is older than one year, and there has never been any swelling? Our IV policy states this, and this was written by a CNS many years ago. I am now asked for a reference for this. I am talking about using for venipuncture and/or taking blood pressures. Thanks, Patty

Heather Nichols
  I really think there are

  I really think there are to many alternate sites to use on most people to even think about using a mastectomy arm, and PLEASE lord, do not EVER let any husband make a decision like that for me!  ;-)  We will not use a mastectomy arm here at U of L, and thank goodness, we have never had an issue with that rule.



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