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Using IV extension tubing to allow an IV pump to be placed outside of patient room

Our nursing staff caring for COVID-19 patients are requesting to use IV extension sets to allow the IV pump to be placed outside of the patient room.  This is being done at other area hospitals to reduce the use of PPE.  I know this is the top question asked of INS and is not recommended by INS, but was wondering how common this practice is.  Does anyone have a policy/procedure to share for this practice?

My response would be to

My response would be to direct you to this ANA statement

I have not seen anything from INS stating not to do this. There are numerous issues to be considered including site assessment and the complications that can go undetected, infection prevention concerns with the tubing on the floor, tripping hazards from the long tubing. Then there are the medication and fluid factors. Tubin length can alter the set flow rate and additional fluids will be required to ensure medications reach the bloodstream in a timely manner. Additional fluds might not be tolerated in patients with diminished lung capacity. Most of all check with your pump manufacturer to get their statement. BD/Alaris has issued a statement. 

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Using IV extension tubing

Thank You Lynn for your response.  Last week I viewed an INS podcast and it referred to the top 10 questions being asked of INS with this question being number 1 asked.  Their reply contained most of what you also have stated in your response but also added the fact that many of these patients are incubated and can't turn on a call light if there is a complication at the site.  I will most definitely go to the ANA statement as I have not read that as yet.  I also had not thought to look for a statement from Baxter for the IV pump.  I so appreciate your expertise and willingness to share.

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