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Using 80cm and 130 cm wires at the bedside

This is another practice I am seeing during my travels.  What are your thoughts on using an 80 cm or 130 cm wire for a bedside PICC placement?  In one hospital, the wire was going into the chest, heart, further.  IN another, the nurse says she is not going in that far, but she won't use the 33 cm wire in the modified seldinger kit.  There is not flouro, but sometimes the patient is on a monitor.

 Where can I find recommendations that state something along these lines.....long wires should not enter the chest and the patinet should have flouro if long wires are used?

 I know that this practice is incorrect.....but what I don't know is where is the evidence that supports that fact it is incorrect.



AKA  Fruitloop

Hi Cheryl,   It looks to

Hi Cheryl, 

 It looks to me like this should be common sense. I don't know of any literature specifically stating this, but there are several studies on cardiac arrhythmias from wires entering the heart. That might be enough to get some to change their practice. 


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