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ultrasound guided Pivs

Hi Kevin, is there  any way I can see your education regarding IV's inserted with ultrasound?  I have done a couple, with my PICC experience, but would love to see what suggestions you have for a more successful cannulation? Thanks,Tessy, [email protected]

emailed everyone up to

emailed everyone up to here..please let me know if you didnt get it.


Kevin Arnold RN, MSN

Hi Kevin, I started using us

Hi Kevin, I started using us for diff Iv insertions since 2003' and in 2006-2009 had been developing a program for teaching and perfecting insertion (trouble shooting).  the biggest obstacle was catheter length and with the deeper access, avoiding intuma damage that leads to future infiltration.  I would like to chat with you to share experiences and discuss each others process.  You can reach me at [email protected].   Brad d.

Bradford A. Dungan

education material for ultrasound guided piv's



Kevin, Could you please email me the education material you've been sharing for the ultasound guided peripherals. It would be much appreciated. My email is sgoodman  Thanks you very much

Sue G C.R.N.I

Would love a copy

Kevin I would love a copy of your education. I really think this would benifit my own education and my hospitals.

Thank you in advance for all that you have done.


Leigh Milazzo RN, BSN, VA-BC

Vascular Access Nurse

Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center

Ultrasound Guided peripheral IV sticks

 A full educational program on Ultrasound Guided PIV Placement with written material and simulation exercises will be available on within the next month. This class is online and designed to meet a policy educational requirement. Created in conjunction with Irene Muirhead it includes tools and sample forms to help get any US PIV program going.

Nancy Moureau

[email protected]


Nancy L. Moureau, PhD, RN, CRNI, CPUI, VA-BC
PICC Excellence, Inc.
[email protected]

Brian Burdick
Peripheral IV Utrasound guided

Hey All,


I see that you have all either implemented or are implementing Protocols and Training for Peripheral US IV placement.  I am a charge nurse in the ICU at Naval Medical Center San Diego.  I have been placing PICC lines for 5 years.  I am currently one of the only nurses to use US for peripheral placement.  I would like to create a protocol and training for our hospital (ICU and ED).  Any assistance with with would be greatly appreciated. 



Brian Burdick, LT, NC , USN


ultrasound guided piv's

thanks Kevin. Very thorough and helpful :)

Brian, I have policy,


I have policy, competency, outcomes monitoring, and a teaching ppt if you would like to use it. Shoot me an email... [email protected]



Kevin Arnold RN, MSN


Hi Kevin,


Any way you could send me a copy of all info (policies, procedures, competencies, etc).  We are trying to develop a program here at my hospital and anything you have would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much.


Email: [email protected]


Dan Juckette
There is also a policy with a

There is also a policy with a compenency checksheet under the resources tab on this site.

Daniel Juckette RN, CCRN, VA-BC

 Sure. Send me your email or

 Sure. Send me your email or post it. 

Kevin Arnold RN, MSN

Brian Burdick
US IV Protocol



Thanks for your response on helping me with a Peripheral IV Ultrasound Guided Protocol.  My email address is:  [email protected]  also could you send it to [email protected] because sometimes email dont get through at work.


Brian Burdick



assist with policy of u/s peripheral iv starts

Kevin: My facility certainly can benefit from your assitance  can you email me any help?  [email protected]

Kimberly DuBore, RN, BSN
PICC Chick and Imaging Nurse

 Shaun... Sorry been really

 Shaun... Sorry been really busy lately.  Sent you info tonight.  - kevin

Kevin Arnold RN, MSN

US IV policy

Shaun:  Like others I have been asked to produce a policy regarding US peripheral starts...Sound like you have done this... are you willing to Share?  I have had mulitple complaints from patients re: arterial and nerve sticks.  My Chief wants a policy inre gards to a class and anatomy of vessels ... can you help?



Kimberly DuBore, RN, BSN
PICC Chick and Imaging Nurse

I have been researching this

I have been researching this topic myself and came across this article. It compares the ultrsound insertions of both long and short catheters.  They did ultrasound examination at the time of removal.  I don't like the thrombosis rates.  Although the article doesn't state so it appears these are upper arm placements.




 Hi,  pretty sure I have

 Hi,  pretty sure I have recently emailed this to you but if not let me know. Thanks, kevin 

Kevin Arnold RN, MSN


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