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Our small hospital has finally given the OK to purchase a portable ultrasound machine.  They are debating between the I look by Sonosite and the Bard Site Rite V.  I know which one I prefer at this time but need feedback as to which one you pefer and why.  We need information from teams that are currently using them.  Thanks for the feedback.

Chris Groff RN, CRNI 

Glenda Dennis
I have used the Site Rite
I have used the Site Rite and the Sonosite products and much prefer the Sonosite.  I haven't used the I Look but have used the Sonosite 180 for several years and am currently longing to get a new unit. Sonosite only manufactures ultrasound equipment and their focus on this technology really shows in the clarity of the images.  It is more expensive but in my opinion, well worth the cost.  Our new CVU purchased the Site Rite and now they borrow my old Sonosite because the images are so much clearer.  If you are just starting to use ultrasound, I think your learning curve will be shorter with the Sonosite.
Timothy Royer B...
I also have used the Site
I also have used the Site Rite 5, 4, 3, 2 and SonoSite 180 but not the ILOOK.  The SonoSite 180 cost is greater than $30,000 but I am able to share with IR.  It really is a very high tech machine with many bells and whistles.  It has been my experience with all the teaching I do and working with my staff that they want a simple machine with a decent image.  I personally like the SiteRite 5 and use it for most of my insertions needs although I prefer the bells and whistles in the very high tech ultrasound SonoSite 180.  Many nurses like to stay with what they cut their teeth on.
nancy riley
I have been a vascular nurse

I have been a vascular nurse inserting PICC's for 15 years and I  have also used the Bard Site Rite 5, 4, 3, and yes even the 2; and the I look by Sonosite.  To be honest the image on the Site Rite V is awesome, and the image on the sonosite is not nearly as sharp or large and the screen is much smaller.  The needle guides on the Site Rite V are awesome, the sonosite needle guides are more difficult to use.  We actually had two i-looks that we turned back in, because we never used them.  The i-look even had trouble with the ultrasound machine sitting in the docking station properly. so even when they were plugged in they would turn off in the middle of the procedure.  The older site rites aren't even comparable to the new Site Rite 5.  I just trained a second nurse in our facility and she tried both; she was very unsuccessful with the sonosite, but was very successful with the Site Rite.  If you would like more specific information, please don't hesitate to email me privately.

holly hess
We use the Site Rite V and
We use the Site Rite V and do exclusively pediatrics. We evaluated and almost bought the I-look before the 5 was available. I liked the larger screen on the site rite and the ability to have an enlarged view of the very small veins we work with. The controls on the probe handle are also a plus. When we evaluated the I-look, I thought the image was somewhat clearer than the site rite, but the other advantages I mentioned outweighed that factor.
I use SiteRite 4 and
I use SiteRite 4 and Sonosite I Look.  Much prefer the image of Sonosite although I hate how the probe is behind the machine.  Also with Sonosite you don't have to worry about dropping the probe.  With SiteRite you may have to recalibrate.  The SiteRite 5 image is much too grainy, I actually prefer the 4 for image.  Sonosite I Look is way superior in my view and I use both.
Has anybody seen the image
Has anybody seen the image on the Siterite 6? It seems to be very clear.  Has anyone else used one yet?  I liked the Siterite 5, but this new one looks even better.
I got to try a SiteRite 6
I got to try a SiteRite 6 last week. Awesome.  I was even able to see with incredible clarity a big valve on a vein of mine that with the SR4 just looks like artifact.
My question to you is...Will

My question to you is...Will the unit only be used for PICC's???  Your small hospital might want to look at a unit that can cross used for other procedures.  I love the SonoSite 180 becouse can be used to place a PICC/Sub/IJ...not to mention breast ultrasound...and many other uses.  Just a thought for smaller hospitals to remember.


We have been using the

We have been using the Sonosite for years and years with nothing but great results. I also have heard that Arrow is coming out with a new ultrasound machine. I would like to see it when it is available.  




Steven Vaughan
The Sonosite is the way to
The Sonosite is the way to go.  My nurses have the 180 plus and really like them.  The iLook is okay, but for not that much more you can get much better.  Sonosite also has certain times of the year that they sell their demos.  They are less expensive than new, and still come with full warranty.  That's how I purchased the 3 I have.

Steven Vaughan RN BSN

Owner, Home Infusion Services, Inc

[email protected]

We have been using the Site

We have been using the Site Rite V.  Just got the Site Rite 6 and love it.  We use them for PICCs and difficult PIVs.  We're very happy with ours. Why don't you call the distributers for a demonstration of each.  Ours fits our needs for adults and peds and so far we have been pretty successful with all our IV starts.  The Site Rite VI is obviously much easier to use, especially for peripherals than the V but I still love the Site Rite V for PICCs.

Thanks everyone the hospital
Thanks everyone the hospital did a side by side and decided to go with the Siterite 6.  I appreciate everyone's help!!!!! Should be getting it next week.
Kathy Kokotis Bard Access

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

The advice I would give regardless of the machine you purchase is to remember the learning curve is 50 insertions so make sure you get hands on training.  Don't get frustrated if it seems like you are less successful in the beginning as that is normal.  Use the machine on all sticks and don't reserve it for the hards ones.  Good luck 



Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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