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ultra sound cannulation

Dear all,

Does anyone have experience of setting up a USS cannulation service?

If so do you have any training packs? Or competency docs?

You caould share?   [email protected]


Kind regards



In the USA, we would call

In the USA, we would call these groups by one of several names - infusion team, IV team, or vascular access team. I have not heard anyone use the term US cannulation service. The service goes far beyond just using US to insert any VAD. The process for documenting competency with any skill involves first increasing knowledge, then there is a period of deliberate practice with simulation, repeating the procedure until the learner has mastered the steps. The final step is supervised clinical practice with a preceptor. There are no numbers of insertions that equate to competency. It is a matter of repeating the procedure until the learner has performed adequately to meet the checklist or global rating scale. Sorry I don't have a tool to share. 

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