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Jean Malwitz
tunneled piccs

Since central lines in the chest and groin in our institution require a dressing change every 3 days or prn, should tunneled piccs in the chest/groin require a dressing as frequently?  

I am not sure what you mean
I am not sure what you mean by a "tunneled PICC in the chest/groin". That is not a PICC. The frequency for changing dressings on all types of central venous catheters, including a PICC, is the same frequency. If your hospital policy is every 3 days, then all CVC dressings should be changed at least every 3 days, and any time they are wet, dirty, or non-adherent to the skin. Lynn

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Carole Fuseck
I wonder if she (Jean) is
I wonder if she (Jean) is talking about the PowerHohn made by Bard?  Our physicians were calling it a "tunnelled PICC" which caused some confusion until I was able to do some research with the assistance of the Bard Rep.  The PowerHohn is not a PICC but a central line which has a VitaCuff antimicrobial cuff to help prevent infection.  They can be placed as a tunnelled or non-tunnelled catheter.  You can use them for power injection, also.
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