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Kathleen Witt
Triple Lumen PICCs
Is Bard the only manufacturer that makes a triple lumen PICC?
No Jet Medical has a 5

No Jet Medical has a 5 French triple lumen but once you put three lumens into a PICC line you obviously compromise flow and size of the lumen.  You cannot power inject through this catheter and it is not labelled for CVP monitoring.  This product may also be sold by MedComp (I am not sure) as the same manufacturer makes both catheter lines 

Arrow has a 7 French line that is being used as a PICC line as well.  This line is not approved for power injection but it may be approved for CVP monitoring as it is part of their acute care central line products. 


that is all that I know of but there are more coming

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Any CVC can be used for CVP

Any CVC can be used for CVP monitoring, you do not need special approval like you do for power injection.  




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