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Tranexamic Acid

Several of our physicians have been ordering Tranexamic Acid to be applied topically to lines that are having bleeding at the site.  I was wondering if anyone else has come accross this.




I assume you are talking

I assume you are talking about the injectable form of this drug. It inhibits fibrinolysis and topical application is not on the label. This would be an off label use, which is possible BUT this needs to be addressed by your facility's practice committee. I have never used it this way, or seen it used this way. You would need to do a literture search to see if has ever been reported in the publications, however there are better products designed as hemostatic dressings for VADs that should be used. 

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Agree and did a search which

Agree and did a search which found not usage.  I also have responded that there are other products on the market for lines.  Just always good to confirm not missing anything.



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