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Carolyn Bonanno
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TPN tubing

 We are working on updating our IV therapy policy.

I work in out patient infusion and don't work with TPN. While reviewing our IV policy it addresses line change times and dedicated lines  for TPN,but it dosen't address non-deph tubing when administering lipids. In the course of my research I have found this is suggested for long term lipid therapy or lipid therapy in pediatric patients. 

I know that the tubing used with the pumps on Med surge is not Deph free. Our pharmacy diector tells me the tubing for TPN has a filter and that trumps DEPH free tubing. I also know that if Lipids are included in our TPN these patients are short term in house. How deligent do Ineed to be about this? Also non of the inserts with the lipids we use state the need for DEPH free tubing.