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Is there a recommendation to infuse TPN through the distal lumen only of a CVC?

Labels of distal, medial, and

Labels of distal, medial, and proximal on a multi lumen CVAD only apply to those that have staggered exit sites. I think there may only be 2, maybe 3 brands with that design. If you are using one with a staggered exit, you also need to understand that the engineers use distal and proximal opposite from nurses. To us, distal is the fartherest away from the center of the patient. To the engineer, distal is the farhterest away from them. So yes, you would infuse any continuous fluid through the distal lumen, usually exiting at the catheter tip, intermittent meds through the medial lumen, and draw blood samples from the proximal lumen which would be above the other 2 lumen exits. 

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