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Tip placement of PICC

Can anyone provide me information if tip placement for PICC lines have changed? At my hospital, we have been having multiple arguments with MD, PA, and residents saying that as long as the PICC/ CL  is placed somewhere in the center of the chest, such as brachial cephalic/SVC Jx, that this is considered proper placement and these are the new guidelines. We, as a PICC team have not heard of this and we find nothing to support this.

Nothing has changed. The

Nothing has changed. The correct tip location is the lower third of the SVC near or at the CAJ. You should expect those providers to provide you with the references they are using and never expect you to go on a wild goose chase to find them. Complication rates are much higher with the tip locations they are expecting. I am also hoping you have this tip location in a written approved policy. That means no provider can change that policy unless they go back to the committee that wrote it. 

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Yes, we do have a current

Yes, we do have a current policy with proper tip placement and I appreciate your response 

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